Why did the Chicken Cross the Road
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The iPhone, click COPY over the image (hold your finger on it), don't click save or save as but copy. Then go into a text, and click paste (holding down your finger). The images, even the large ones, actually perform very well! Try it out!

Find awesome animated images and pictures known as CompuServe GIF images, or "GIFS". We have the most up to date animations because we make our own, not just gather the best gifs from all around the Internet. We have gif images for all sorts of people and industries. -High quality gif images. 
Free Animated Pictures is not another website full of copy cat gif images or small one-to-two motion images. We are chalk full of fun, creative, funny animations. And hopefully some people find some animated pictures here useful. Ever see a commercial where some parts just stick with you? Well we have fun re-creating those clips as GIF images. We, as of yet, have not tagged our name into the GIFs. If you want to use one of the images for your own business or website, you do not want some other websites name posted in the corner, right? So, have fun, take all you want (just right click and save as). And if you need any more images or a special one just let us know. We will make a GIF image 100% unique for you. You can even send us your own photos and tell us how you would like the animation to be.
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Hot T-mobile-girl Animated Picture
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Quality GIF of City nightlife
Best Quality Free Animated City gif
Adventure Time - flipping a table
Gold-Mine 3D Adventure
3D GLASSES NEEDED:   ...hang on!!
Look close at our tiny animated gif texts! What do you think?
Cheetah Running
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Hair Solon Karate Commercial GIF
3D GIFs for Free
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