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Free Animated Gif Pictures to relax with 
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Hi folks - my name is Dustin Brunetti. I own, operate and manage this website, Free Animated Pictures. I am great with design, though it is not shown in this gif website. This picture animation website is not about CSS tricks or winning any design awards. There is a great LOOKING website for gifs here. To me this is all about the gifs. I can, I really can, create great design - you can contact me to see more than 10 of my best designed sites! So, as it goes for GIF images, I enjoy making relaxing gifs the most, probably out of all the categories. If you need a relaxing gif, or an animated image for relaxation or meditation, I would not only enjoy making that image tailored to your needs but would enjoy sharing it with the world via this free gif picture website. Seriously, email me, and unless my CMS is down, Internet connection is out, or I am on vacation, I will get back to you and get you the GIF you want! No joke...
Some sort of copyright here - 2014 - Bla Bla - don't do this and that - whatever - do what you want =) Thanks - New Animated Gif Pictures
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