Dieting has become a fad of sorts in the western world. We all know that obesity can contribute or even cause a host of ailments and diseases from heart disease to diabetes.

There is a vast difference between those who have an unhealthy weight for their bodies and those who simply want to match the popular image, though. “Thin is in” and the media makes sure to reinforce that in every television program, commercial and film put out over the airwaves.

What is a diet ?

Diet in its most basic form simply means the food and drink that one regularly consumes. However, for the purpose of this article we will consider this definition given by the Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary – a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight. Since dieting has become the nation’s most popular activity, it has given way to a huge industry revolving around helping people to lose weight.

Since there are so many diets in existence, we can’t possibly cover them all in one article. There are some that are better known than others so those are the ones that we will discuss here. For those who want a tested diet plan, this should help you decide which of the most popular diet plans could be the right one for you.

The Jenny Craig diet summary.

We’ve all seen the Jenny Craig commercials on television so we’ll start with the Jenny Craig diet plan. This one has been around since the early 80s and comes with personal consultations along the way.

Jenny Craig focuses on making it easy on the dieter by offering prepackaged foods in the correct proportions.

The consultant makes a commission on these foods so expect them to really push this aspect of the plan. Costs will run you around $100 per week plus the extra costs to pick up the fresh fruits and vegetables at the supermarket that aren’t included – and oh yeah, there’s membership fees too.

The Jenny Craig takes the burden of planning your meals off your shoulders and the diet plan itself is pretty decent nutritionally, however the costs are rather high.

The Barry Sears Zone Diet.

The Zone diet has grown in popularity recently. Created by Barry Sears, it’s theory is that eating the right mix of foods will help you achieve optimal hormonal balance.

The optimal balance, called the “zone” by the plan, supposedly will let the body use the calories taken in without storing any of them as fat.

When you look at it scientifically, this diet plan seems to outlaw certain foods rather capriciously. Even though they don’t conflict with the stated rules of the diet, it bans starchy vegetables, beans and whole grains completely from the plan.

The American Heart Association has voiced disapproval on the Zone diet due to it lacking essential nutrients while focusing almost exclusively on high-protein foods

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