Dragon city type chart

Dragon city

Dragon city

A game where one gets to battle around dragons. From no defence to a fight around all dragons irrespective of their size or breed.

They spread the damage and player battles around saving the part, being a hero in the Dragon City. A city where one can find breeds of dragons who move around with varied skills and various powers. Also, check dragon city hack

They also different weaknesses, so in case one wants to be the real lover of this game, they need to know every aspect of the same.

From strength to weakness and from health points of the fighter dragons to the point where they can be defended.

What is dragon city type chart based upon?

The game of Dragon city is based upon the resistance abilities and a fighter’s skill which understands well every move that is made by the dragons moving around.

Coming to the level of damage that occurs a part of the game, the same is divided into the following:

1.      The super-effective Critical 2X damage

2.      The 1X damage of the normal one

3.      The weak damage or the ½ damage and

4.      A no-effect damage or 0X damage

The stats screen shows the hybrid dragons at first, so one needs to be prepared for what exactly they are dealing with.

Coming to know the dragons out there a Legendary Dragon is a one which is weakness devoid.

Normal attacks are the one for which they are immuned for and lack behind none when faced with element attacks.

Their moves are done through fists and carry effects which are normal for all the types of other breeds out there.

Final thoughts

When getting to know the game better, try to know the weakness better to be better at what you are dealing with. Some of such weaknesses have been discussed below:

1.      If one chooses the metal element, the weakness is electric and one can use resistance like fire, earth and metal. They are more effective with ice and earth, try to keep away from the same and be more resistant with electric and fire for sure.

2.      The ice element has a weakness with fire and metal and they resist water and are more effective on earth. So one knows what to do to survive the same or fight with the same.

3.      The earth element has its weakness with ice, water and also metal. So resistance with electric and fire is high and the effectiveness is against none of same.

4.      Talking about water element, the resistance lies with water, earth and plant. The same is effective against earth, fire, electric and resisted by ice.

5.      Next comes the fire element wherein the weakness is most obvious with water and electricity and resistance lies for ice, metal, plant together with fire. These are effective against ice, water and plant.

6.      Plant element is again with weakness of earth and ice with resistance to darkness and effectiveness with water.

7.      The electric element has a weakness with water and is effective against water, fire, metal.

Before you start the game, these are basics to know. Rest can be handled by a players hand of course.

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