How to Delete Roblox Account?

Roblox is an interesting game which keeps the player engrossed.  However, situations may arise when the game might have to be deleted. So what are the options available?

As of now, there are no legitimate ways to delete a Roblox account.    Because the developers of the Game have not provided anything as such.

It is important to state that there are no programs or services available by any third party which enable the deletion of the Roblox account.  So it is suggested not to waste time searching for such options.

If the user is facing problems with the team and not the Roblox game in actuality, then there is an option to delete the team.  (You can get free robux by using robux generator no human verification tool online)

This can be done in the Explorer window.  There is a “Teams’ folder.  By double clicking on it, the list of teams currently available will be shown.  So the user can simply press the delete button on the key board to delete the team which he or she is not interested in continuing.

The best and safe option is to contact the Customer Care Account of Roblox.  This can either be done by sending them an email or calling their customer Care representative on phone.  By this the user can legally inform Roblox   that he is no longer interested in continuing the game.

Another option available to the user is to make his account get banned by doing something which is against the game.

In order to exit the game, the user has to do something which is aginst the terms of Service of Roblox, (that is if the rules or regulations are not followed), then your account may end up getting blocked or banned.    

However, still Roblox gives up to three chances.  Suppose, if the game rules are not followed then the account will be banned.  If the same thing is repeated thrice, then Roblox will permanently ban the account or in other words the account will be deleted. 

Usually the players are given warnings when they commit the offence for the first time.  These warnings might be issued a few times.  In case there is a serious violation such as scamming, phishing and so on, then the game will be banned.

Another option is to not sign in into the account.    The game will still be active and whatever progress has been made will remain valid.   

However, it will be kept alive for a certain period only.  Usually it is for about a year.    Roblox periodically checks all their accounts in the system. 

Those accounts which have remained inactive (that is not logged in from one year) then those accounts will be erased or deleted.  So to delete a Roblox account, the waiting period is one year.  After that Roblox itself will delete the account.   So the option to delete the account from the user’s side is right now not available.

Another important point to be noted is that once Roblox deletes the account, there is no immediate way to get it back. So therefore, it is suggested that to think properly and   then decide.

Meantime the team at Roblox is also working on a solution since as of now they do not have a system to delete accounts from the user’s end.

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