How To Play Township

Play Township

Build your city and Play Township.

Township is a free to play construction game that is available on multiple platforms. Playrix develops it. The game is for those who find themselves as visionaries. You can initiate as a developer of a small town and slowly construct a thriving city by trustworthy organizations and time management strategies. If you have been familiar with the Farmville style, the game has almost the same concept. You can plant and harvest crops, construct houses, and trade new materials that you collect.

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Players are guided with a brief tutorial at the beginning of the game. The primary currency of the game is T-cash, which can be earned or brought buy real cash. The players can earn experience points and coins by performing different kinds of actions in the game. These coins can be implemented to buy factories, decorations, community buildings while XP points are used for increasing levels as the user accumulated XP points and goes through levels, getting more kinds of crops, factories, decorations, and community buildings.

The simple theory behind the township is to upgrade your traditional land and construct it into a bustling metropolis. The entire process goes into reaching a lofty goal with different obstructions on the way.

How to Play a Township game?

Now, you are aware of the basics of the game. Lets started playing it.

  •  you need to download the game on your mobile operating system.
  • Install it and Run the Emulator
  • Install township from.Apk store.
  • Launch and play a game from the library.

Once you download

  • Create an account
  • You need to choose the character by sliding the knob and grabbing the features you want to have in your character.
  • You can color the characters with a brush.
  • Once done, you can turn around and walk.
  • You would notice that you will have no legs, it is not a bug, its normal.

Tips for Playing a game

The game is simple to start playing. There are plenty of strategies involved if you want to achieve most of the resources and build your town.

  • Expand early

When you are playing games, you must expand your town shortly when things are cheaper. If you would wait long, there are possibilities to become quite expensive that could limit the size in the city.

  • Grow plenty of wheat

When you are choosing land for crops, make sure you have enough space to grow corn. By increasing plenty of wheat, you would earn a good profit and upgrade your city later.

  • Sell and focus on short orders

When you are selling things, focus on short orders, which will allow you to grab most of your factories and earn the most money possible. Avoid the orders that indulge more than a few hours as it will slow down the production and make leveling up slower.

  • Interact with friends

Township is synchronized with Facebook that allows you to interact with your friends and grow your town with their suggestions and tricks.

Friends can help each other grow and exchange trains and planes.

  • Plant slow-growing crops

Farming takes up a lot of time in the township. Some crops take time to grow, so they are best planted right before you go to bed.

Grow crops like wheat at day hours, when you can harvest and replant numerous times. Crops take a long time to grow, so invest time and plant crops at night, so you have the next day ready with crops to harvest.

  • Don’t waste cash

T-Cash is a premium currency that is equivalent to real money. You have to spend real money to buy T-cash. Don’t waste it swiftly by investing in production. Spend on upgrading factory boxes so you can produce more and earn more.

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