What is Psn? Everything you need to Know

Psn is a platform powered by Google. Psn is an amazing place which is available in  Android smart phones and facilitates users to enjoy the services offered by Psn.  Psn also functions as a music, magazines, books, films and television programs offered. The application provided by Psn is free or at a fixed price. Psn was launched on March 6, 2012. More than 1,430 games have been published on Psn Store and more than fifty billion downloads have been done by the users worldwide.

Free Psn codes is an online shop of games which you can find in everywhere. Android services have become very popular and convenient for people through mobile apps, because they can do everything from their mobiles, such as recharge, railway ticket booking, online plane ticket booking, online shopping, cash transfer, movie ticket booking, streaming songs and movie and much more. Now whoever makes any apps, they keep their apps in the Psn Store from where users can download and install all those apps from the Psn Store and use them.

Psn Store Apps & Games

On the Psn Store, you will find all kinds of Android mobile apps and games. On this platform users get both free mobile apps and paid mobile apps, meaning that you may have to spend money on some games and mobile apps. There are many good apps and games available for free of cost.

Psn Store Entertainment

Entertainment comes in three categories, movies, books, and newsstand. Meaning you can buy books, movies from Psn store, you will also get free movies and free books on this platform. Newsstand will get you the latest news apps and magazine, which offers both paid and free accessibility.

In Psn store many more apps are available, which the user can search in the Play Store according to their requirement. The best thing about Psn is the reviews in it about a particular application. You can see how this app is, how helpful it is and how many people have downloaded it. Besides that, the information center gives contact details about the application developer, version details, android requirements, application size, update info, etc.

If you take a new android mobile today then there are some basic applications which come pre-installed, meaning that you do not have to download it from the Psn Store, but if there is an update, then you can update it through Psn Store. Before being included in the ‘Psn Store’, all the Android apps are thoroughly tested to confirm that they are safe. During this examination, such applications and developers are banned for a time, which violate the policies of Google. After this, Play Protect scans several millions of applications every day, so that users can use them safely. Regardless of whether you download the app from anywhere, the feature of Psn Protection will always be checked by them.

Who can use Psn services –

To use Psn services, the user must have a valid Google Account, which should be based on the age restrictions. In order to use the services of Psn, the user must not be minor. In case the user is minor he or she must take permission from parents. The user must agree with any type of further age restrictions that are imposed on the contents available in Psn.

How to purchase applications in Psn –

Purchasing applications through Google Pay is quite easy. The user must accept the terms and conditions imposed by Google. In different counties Psn also accepts different payment mediums.


Psn is an amazing place for all your multimedia requirements and services. You can use Psn to browse, view, stream or download applications or content on your mobile, computer, TV, smart watch or another smart device on which Psn works. In order to use Psn, you will need an Android device, internet connection, and compatible software that meet the requirements of system and compatibility for relevant content.

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